Expert Narratives

Phoenix Narrative is talking to experts and asking them about homelessness, health & wellness, business & infrastructure, and other important topics to our city.

Phoenix Narrative

We are asking the experts YOUR questions and providing solutions.

In 2018, I ran for Mayor of Phoenix. During the Mayor’s race, I met amazing people, groups, organizations throughout our amazing city. Our team was often asked where we developed our potential solutions to the problems facing our city.

We didn’t just come up with the solutions, we went to experts throughout the Valley. 

We still have serious challenges facing our city so, in collaboration with my company, Nonnahs Marketing, we created the Phoenix Narrative.

Phoenix Narrative goes to the experts in different industries to get answers to your questions.

We talk to experts in Business & Finance, Health & Wellness, Food & Drink, Arts & Music, and Nonprofits.

Our goal is to get real solutions to real problems that our community faces.

IF you have additional questions, reach out and contact us.

I promise that our work, demanding better from our City and our leaders isn’t over.